Charity Fund

for medical and social genetic aid projects «Life Genome»

About the Fund

Charity Fund Life Genome was established to provide support for genetic research to the families with suspected hereditary disease. Charity fund finances genetic study of the patient and also healthy relatives for gene carrier that causes disease.

8674 applicants
have already received support

Our goal is to make efficient state-of-the-art genetic research available for children and adults in need, for those who seek for help now. Genetic technologies serve as an important tool in diagnosing and determining the root cause of the problem, which preserves lives and improves its quality for every family member regardless of their age and gender.

We make expensive technologies available today for those who seek for help.

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8674 applicants
have already received support

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Our team

The employees of the Fund comprise a team of caring professionals whose goal is to make expensive genetic research affordable for children and adults in need. The scope of team’s work includes handling inquiries from citizens, interaction with healthcare institutions and genetic laboratories, organization of charity events and collection of donations, reporting, coordination of the volunteer movement and development of special support programs, among other things.

Supervisory Board

Strategic management of the Charity Fund Life Genome is carried out by the Supervisory Board which is responsible for general supervision of the implementation of the Fund's program and use of funds.

Among the members of the Supervisory Board are highly respected representatives of business, science community and healthcare industry.

By joining forces, we can bring hope for obtaining healthy life to many people suffering from severe diseases. You can easily support the fund for people with suspected hereditary disease: make a donation or take part in our promotional activities. We strongly encourage the participation in our promos of all caring people regardless of their age.